catchpole or catchpoll [kach′pōl΄]
[ME cacchepol & Late OE cæcepol, tax gatherer < Anglo-Fr cache-pol, lit., chicken chaser < ML cacepollus < * cacere (< VL * captiare: see CATCH) + L pullus, fowl: see POULTRY] [Brit. Historical] a sheriff's officer who arrested nonpaying debtors

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  • catchpole — catchpolery, catchpollery, n. /kach pohl /, n. (formerly) a petty officer of justice, esp. one arresting persons for debt. Also, catchpoll. [bef. 1050; ME cacchepol, late OE caecephol < ML cacepollus tax gatherer, lit., chase fowl, equiv. to cace …   Universalium

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  • catchpole — /ˈkætʃpoʊl/ (say kachpohl) noun (in medieval England) a petty officer of justice, especially one who made arrests for debt. Also, catchpoll. {Middle English cachepol, Old English kæcepol, from Medieval Latin cacepollus chase fowl. See catch,… …   Australian English dictionary